Innovative Pedagogy

Overview: This page contains three sections comprised of my reflections on and examples of efforts I have made to improve my teaching effectiveness. The first section focuses on curricular revisions, new course assignments, and strategies I have employed to address student suggestions and my own observations about areas of my teaching that could be improved. For the second section, I have included several examples of in-class activities that I have either adapted or created along with my reflections on their respective successes in conveying key course ideas. The third and final section addresses my integration of non-traditional materials into my teaching. While the definition of “non-traditional” is obviously ever-changing with respect to which pedagogical practices and tools become normative, I submit that the materials I discuss below are less frequently employed than the classic tools of Power Point, videos, and article/book readings.

I. Curricular Revisions and New Teaching Tools:




II. Self-evaluation of Classroom Activities:




III. Integration of Non-traditional Materials: